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On The Cover August 2021

Simply This Thank You For The Water

Water Is The Driving Force Of All Nature Leonardo da Vinci

Although we fish in it, boat on it, swim in it, we sometimes take water for granted - not, of course, for our recreational needs but for its crucial role in life preservation for all flora and fauna.

This need for our wildlife was recognized as early as 1945 when Arizona Game and Fish began its "Arizona Guzzler" program. This year, it is estimated that three million gallons will be used to fill water catchments throughout the state from which our thirsty wildlife can drink.

Thank you to AZGFD and other outdoor organizations for this commitment to serve our fellow beings -- from large to small.

We also are grateful to the National Park Service for providing vital resources for our safety when visiting Grand Canyon National Park. Recent tragedies emphasize the extreme importance of knowing before you go, whether it be to hike or to raft or just to visit. Heat and floods are two dangers that can lurk within the beauty of this canyon, especially during the scorching Arizona summer.

With us, treasure the water, and recreate safely. Together, let's continue to enjoy all that our Arizona outdoors has to offer.


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