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Grand Canyon National Park

Review These Summer Season Tips For Visiting Grand Canyon National Park

GRAND CANYON, Ariz. - Visitors to Grand Canyon National Park this Memorial Day weekend and through the summer season can expect long lines, full parking lots and crowded conditions. To make the most of a visit to the park during this time, park rangers recommend the following pro tips:

Pro Tip 1: Make sure you're ready for your visit by checking the park website to begin planning your trip. Public health measures are in place including capacity limits, temporary closures and modified operations. As the NPS monitors and responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, the park is working closely with the NPS Office of Public Health to use the latest science to guide decision making. Additional details are available at http://www.nps.gov/coronavirus.

Pro Tip 2: The South Rim Entrance Station experiences long lines and visitors can expect to wait up to two hours to enter the park between 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Visitors traveling to the area from Highway 89 can enter the park through the East Entrance at Desert View for shorter wait times. Currently, Grand Canyon National Park does not require reservations or timed entry.

Pro Tip 3: To reduce wait times at the South Rim Entrance station, buy your park pass online at Your Pass Now, http://www.recreation.gov or in Tusayan at one of the following businesses: the IMAX Theater, Tusayan Chamber of Commerce Office, Canyon Plaza Resort, Red Feather Lodge, and Westwind Air Service. Once you have purchased your pass, proceed to the South Rim Entrance Station and use the left lane as you approach and enter through Lane 1.

Parking lots will fill throughout the South Rim by 12 p.m. Visitors should consider arriving early (before 8 a.m.) or later (after 6 p.m.) in the day to avoid the worst congestion.

Summer Shuttle Bus Operations

The following summer shuttle bus operations will be in effect through September 10:

• Passenger capacity is limited to 20 people per bus, face coverings are required on the bus, and passengers must enter and exit through the rear door only.

• The Village Route (Blue Route), the Kaibab Rim Route Westbound, and the Tusayan Route (Purple Route) will not operate until further notice.

• The Hermits Rest Route (Red Route), servicing Hermit Road west of Grand Canyon Village, will operate from 4 a.m. until one hour after sunset. The Hermit Road remains closed to all private vehicles.

• There will be a Grand Canyon Visitor Center (Visitor Center) to Hermit Road Express Bus from 12-8 p.m. It will go directly between the Visitor Center and the Hermit Road Interchange and will not make any other stops.

• Visitors wanting to access Hermit Road via the park's shuttle system, should park in lots C or D near the Backcountry Information Center or take the Visitor Center-Hermit Road Express Bus between 12-8 p.m. Visitors can also ride their bikes to Hermit Road from the Visitor Center, a one-way distance of 2.5 miles/4 km.

• The Kaibab Rim Route Eastbound (Orange Route), servicing Visitor Center to the South Kaibab Trailhead will also operate from 4 a.m. until one hour after sunset.

• The early morning Hikers' Express Bus will operate and will run directly from the Backcountry Information Center near the Maswik Lodge to the South Kaibab Trailhead on the following schedule:

o September - 5, 6 and 7 a.m.

o July and August - 4, 5 and 6 a.m.

While in the park, keep these other pro tips in mind to have a fun and safe visit to Grand Canyon.

• Prepare for an inner canyon hike by reading the Hiking Tips page and check the Backcountry Updates and Closures page for current information on trail conditions and situations affecting the backcountry. Be aware that efforts to assist you may be delayed during the summer months due to limited staff, the number of rescue calls, employee safety requirements, and limited helicopter flying capability during periods of extreme heat or inclement weather.

• Desert View Drive is open to private vehicles year-round. Avoid congestion in the Village and enjoy 23 scenic miles (37 km) between the Village and the East Entrance at Desert View.

• Stay on designated trails and walkways and always keep a safe distance from the edge of the rim. Do not climb over railings or barriers.

• Stay a safe distance away from and never feed or water any wildlife.

For more information on visiting the South Rim during the summer of 2021, please go to http://www.nps.gov/grca/planyourvisit/sr-tips.htm.

Visitors Urged To Hike Safely

Hikers and backpackers hiking in the inner canyon are strongly encouraged to be prepared for excessively hot temperatures greater than 100 degrees Fahrenheit this summer season. Hikers attempting rigorous distances, such as "Rim to Rim" through the inner canyon, must be self-reliant and understand their own physical limitations to prevent emergency situations for themselves and responders.

Rangers at Grand Canyon strongly urge visitors who plan to hike in the canyon to take extra precautions and hike safely. Hikers should hike before 10 a.m. and after 4 p.m., rest in shade whenever possible, and avoid hiking during the heat of the day. Important tips for a successful hike include the following: balancing real food, electrolyte, and water intake; drinking when thirsty; getting wet to stay cool; and stopping hiking if you start to feel ill.

All visitors should ensure they are drinking plenty of fluids, taking breaks in shade during the heat of the day, and watching for signs of distress in traveling companions. Drinking water is available on the Bright Angel and North Kaibab trails but not available on the South Kaibab trail. Visitors also are reminded they should be prepared to self-rescue while on the canyon's trails and recreate responsibly while visiting the park.

Additional information about hiking smart in the heat is available at https://www.nps.gov/grca/planyourvisit/hike-smart.htm.


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