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Hubbell Adapter

Hubbell Adapter Converts 30A Pedestal Power To 15A


The common method of powering party lights or an electric polisher while at the dock is to run an electric extension cord down the companionway, creating an unsightly trip hazard. With a Hubbell Marine HBL105GF adapter, it's easy to instead use a 30A 125V marina power pedestal to run 15A 125V devices. Plugged into the shore power source, it offers a standard three-prong outlet with integrated ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) for peace of mind.

Measuring 22-1/2" L, the HBL105GF adapter has a fully molded IP55 waterproof housing for superior durability. Inside the 30A plug, a bull ring protects the exclusive copper crimp barrel terminations; the combination is 300% more secure than standard construction methods. Nickel-plated brass Twist-Lock® contact blades provide exceptional strength and corrosion resistance.

Built for maximum safety, the integrated GFCI on the HBL105GF automatically stops power from flowing if it senses a short-anywhere from the pedestal to the end electrical device. A high-impact and UV-stabilized sealed PVC housing protects the internal electrical components. A large LED light illuminates when power is flowing. It includes test and manual reset buttons.

Hubbell Marine offers a wide range of straight and Y adapter combinations to meet virtually any power need, from 30A to 100A sources. The company's innovative Intelligent Y-Adapter plugs into two, oppositely-phased 30A receptacles to run a 50A boat. Offered in high-visibility yellow, the Hubbell Marine HBL105GF adapter retails for $216.

Contact local dealers or Hubbell Marine Electrical Products, 40 Waterview Dr., Shelton, CT 06484 USA. 727-304-7638.


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