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Hunting Skills

Expand Skills — Outdoor Skills Network

Compiled By Doug Burt

AZGFD Hunting/Shooting Sports Manager

Are you interested in going hunting, but not sure where to start?

Look no further. The Arizona Game and Fish Department along with an extensive network of partnering organizations host dozens of learn how to hunt, fish, shoot, trap and other outdoor skill development events throughout the year. Most of these events offer mentoring (not guides), hands-on activities, seminars, a hot meal and campfires for sharing your story.

Event types and descriptions are merely guidelines to help you choose what is best for you — they are not prerequisites — most events offer activities that are suitable for all skill levels and interests. Further, hunting is just one portion of these events. Many of these events are also open to people wishing to learn more about wildlife, habitat, conservation, camping and the outdoors.

For a continually updated list of events and to register, visit: http://www.azgfd.gov/OutdoorSkills


No hunting or pursuit of wildlife, shooting lessons, instructional, typically 1-day

activity. Instructional — knowledge or information imparted

Skill Meter: 0-5

Mentoring Meter: 7-10


Basic take of wildlife, 1-day event, pass shooting, species include dove, ducks,

squirrel. Beginner — a person who is inexperienced; novice; a person who has

begun a course of instruction or is learning the fundamentals.

Skill Meter: 1-5

Mentoring Meter: 7-10


Pursuit of wildlife, overnight events, remote locations, species include quail, rabbit,

predator, javelina, turkey. Apprentice — one who is learning by practical experience

under skilled workers of a trade, art or calling.

Skill Meter: 3-7

Mentoring Meter: 6-9


Pursuit of more challenging species, deer, elk, stalking, remote locations, overnight,

lots of field time. Intermediate — applies some already learned basic skills to adapt

and meet the next level of learning, skill development.

Skill Meter: 5-8

Mentoring Meter: 3-6

Experienced (coming soon, minimal mentoring, base camps and “meet ups”)

Base camps and meet ups that provide similar feel of learn how-to events, but

are self-supported by attendees at a designated camping area and timeframe,

possibly portable potties, and some facilities, possibly a camp host with unit and

hunting information. Experienced — having knowledge or skill in a particular field,

especially a profession or job, gained over a period of time.

Skill Meter: 7-9

Mentoring Meter: 0-2

Seasonal: AZ Family Campout Program

Come learn the basics of camping and outdoor activities like hiking, archery, geocaching, fishing, wildlife, biking, and more. Fee required.

Location: AZ State Parks (varies)

Hosted by: Arizona State Parks

Register: http://www.AZStateParks.com/family

This Month

June 5: Fishing Derby - PVCI

Family fun, relaxed fishing for trout, crappie, and channel catfish with a group BBQ. Held on Free Fishing Day, no license needed.

Location: Dogtown Lake, Kaibab National


Hosted By: Phoenix Varmint Callers, Inc.

Contact: Ricardo, pvcigroup@gmail.com,


June 12: Antelope Hunter ClinicOnline - AAF</strong>

Online clinic from noon to 4pm covers everything you need to know about antelope hunting. Extensive topics presented by seasoned experts and wildlife biologists.

Location: Zoom Video Conference,


Hosted by: Arizona Antelope


Contact: info@www.azantelope.org,



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