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On The Cover June 2021

Our Waterways Welcome Us Back

As I began to gather material for this June issue, I was noticing that there is some optimism about scheduling and re-scheduling events. Is our long wait over? Can we really recreate again? So many events were cancelled last year and some will still need to be rescheduled, but overall, with caution and care, it appears the worst may be over. We hope so!

Meanwhile, before the weather really heats up, it is an excellent time to go to our waterways. Lake Pleasant with all its amenities is a wonderful place to start. Have you tried H2-Whoa? That "really big" water slide is incredibly fun and joins many other great water activities in Pleasant Harbor. It's close enough to the Valley for a memorable day trip or if you want to stay longer, the adjoining RV park is a remarkable and most enjoyable facility.

A little farther north is one of Arizona's cool gems: Flagstaff. Discover Flagstaff has been thinking ahead about our fathers and made some excellent suggestions of things to do with Dad. The timing for a trip to the high country for Father's Day is spot on and would be refreshing for not only "The Man of the Day" but also the whole family.

My thoughts as this issue goes to press are of those who have suffered losses of all kinds during the pandemic - from loved ones to businesses and to everything in between. My hope, my prayer is that the nightmare is behind us now and that we can move on to fulfill much happier dreams ahead.


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