On The Cover May 2021

We Celebrate The Wonder Of Water


Pleasant Harbor At Lake Pleasant

It goes without saying that water is probably our most important resource. It is, obviously, for the survival of all living things, and when we are threatened with extreme drought conditions - especially in the Southwest - the treasured commodity becomes even more precious.

Besides the basic need of it for physical survival, water can probably be considered vital for our emotional survival as well - at least for many.

We fish in it. We boat on it. We recreate around it. We meditate by it. We dream beside it. We look beyond it to try to see and understand the far shores of life's mysteries.

However, water is also just plain fun. Locally, one of the most popular bodies of water is Lake Pleasant. It is easily accessible to many in the Phoenix area and offers many activities from fishing and boating to family friendly activities to extreme watersports. Combined with great RV amenities, this is a definite "must visit" on your bucket list.

So, whatever your relationship with water, we join you in respect for it and commitment to its care. We also hope to join you in some of the wonderful " waterful" activities at Lake Pleasant and other destinations here in the Southwest.


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Mother's Day: May 9

Armed Forces Day: May 15

Memorial Day: May 31


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