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Spring Means It's Time To Check Shore Power Gear

Spring commissioning brings about a flurry of maintenance tasks, but few are as important as checking shore power equipment. If a cord set shows damage, it should be replaced. The Hubbell Marine 50A, 125V Twist-Lock® Cable Set offers a durable choice. Built for continuous use, it incorporates safety and convenience features that overshadow competing products.

Made in the USA, the fully encased Hubbell 50A Cable Set has ergonomic styling with line-up notches that make plugging-in simple. Its nickel-plated brass blades and shell, plus a stainless steel threaded sealing ring, ensure a positive and safe connection and watertight seal. With 3-pole 4-wire grounding, the connector has an exclusive internal copper crimp barrel termination for protection against overheating and burnout. Models are offered with high-intensity green and red LEDs built into the male end that indicate power is flowing or incorrect wiring is detected.

When checking the cable set, first make sure it's unplugged at both ends. Look for bent or corroded blades. Brown on the plug means it's overheating from resistance and/or arcing. These serious safety issues require immediate replacement of the unit. If everything looks okay, a quick cleaning and dab of dielectric grease on the blades are all that's needed to put it back into service.

Unlike many cord sets, Hubbell's is incredibly flexible due to jute fillers inside the heavy-duty jacket. This allows it to coil easily and lay flat. 50A Cable Sets are available in yellow or white and are offered in 25' and 50' lengths.

Dirt and grime are easily cleaned off cord sets using acetone, but cuts and acute kinks shouldn't be ignored. If damaged cable is close to either the boatside or pedestal plug, it can be cut off and the connector reinstalled with a new boot. Otherwise, users should skip the dangerous temptation to patch with electrical tape and instead replace the cord set.

CL and cUL listed, the Hubbell Marine 50A, 125V Twist-Lock® Cable Set meets USCG requirements and has ABYC approval. Prices start at $475 for the 25' model and $580 for the 50' version.

Contact local dealers or Hubbell Marine Electrical Products, 40 Waterview Dr., Shelton, CT 06484 USA. 727-304-7638.


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