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Duraled 50 Lamps

Duraled 50 Lamps Brighten The Tightest Spaces

Thoroughly illuminating confined environments like engine rooms, under-deck compartments, lazarettes and cargo holds can be tricky, particularly when an extra-wide swath of light is required. The DuraLED 50 lamp from Hella marine brightens these spaces in a clear, even pattern, minus the glare or harsh point sources.

Each Hella marine DuraLED 50 is built for extreme environments. Its durable housing resists impact, shock, UV and corrosion damage. The light is sealed to IP67 standard. Operating on 12/24V, it also carries ISO approval for ignition protection, permitting safe operation in the vicinity of flammable fuel sources.

Its 8.7" W x 3.8" H footprint houses 50 LEDs, with a low-profile 1.25" depth for simple vertical or horizontal mounting in cramped spaces. A unique installation system utilizes a nylon bush to bear the fastening load, sparing stress on the housing.

The Hella marine DuraLED 50 lamp comes in models with a choice of standard white or night vision-enhancing blue LEDs that deliver a wide 36° spread while drawing just 12W. A combination white/red pattern version consumes only 10W. For larger areas, Hella marine offers a white lamp with an extra-wide 66° spread pattern at 12W. All are backed by a five-year warranty. Retail prices for Hella marine DuraLED lamps start at $277.78.

Contact local dealers or Hella marine Inc., 201 Kelly Dr., Peachtree City, GA 30269. 770-631-7500.


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