On The Cover February 2021

Arizona Stays Active As 2021 Gets Underway


February 1, 2021

It goes without saying that things are different this year, that the limitations of 2020 are still affecting much of what we do and curtailing some of the events we have enjoyed in the past. However, the spirit and resourcefulness of our people ensure that the "state of the state" remains active. We celebrate this.

Celebrating - The State Of The State

One example is the adjustments Arizona Yacht Club have made to their annual Leukemia Cup and Birthday Regatta. It is not the same, but it will happen - one full day of "raising more than sails". Also, a check-in with local cities and areas such as Flagstaff , Prescott , Havasu, and Tempe shows that alternatives are filling calendars across the state.

So, we move on, enjoying our precious outdoors in perhaps different, but still rewarding ways. We wish you a safe and happy journey wherever, however that might be this year.


Page 2 Fishing - - DOWNSTREAM - Happy Birthday to George and Abe!

Page 5 Fishing - - BOATING - A video speaks a thousand words.

Page 12 Fishing - - TACKLE & TARGET - Changes possible for trail cameras.

Page 15 Fishing - - LAND CRUISING - One little spark = one big fire!

Page 16 - - WESTERN WILDLIFE - Another census: This one, of wolves.

Page 14 - - Lost And Found - If you lose your way, here's help.

Page 1 - - Arizona Area Activities Abound - From Prescott to Havasu and beyond, events continue.

Page 1 - - One Big Day - Arizona Yacht Club will "raise more than a sail".

Lincoln's Birthday: February 12

Valentine's Day: February 14

Presidents' Day: February 15

Ash Wednesday: February 17

Washington's Birthday: February 22


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