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We Wish You - A Happy Holiday Season


December 1, 2020

Ray Hennessy

'Tis certainly the season, symbolized here by the colorful cardinal on a branch of Christmas holly. Some say that the cardinal has been christened the "Christmas Bird" for its spectacular red color. Legends proclaim that this red bird is the symbol of beauty and warmth of the holiday season. There are more stories about its history and symbolism, but in general, the Christmas Bird can bring cheer, hope and inspiration on a gray, wintery day.

Holly's association with Christmas dates all the way back to Roman times. Holly was the sacred plant of Saturn and the Romans used to send boughs of the bush to their friends along with gifts to mark the Saturnalia Festival. It is thought Christians adopted holly as a symbol of Christmas from this festival. In Christian symbolism, the prickly leaves represent the crown of thorns that Jesus wore when he was crucified. The berries are the drops of blood that were shed by Jesus because of the thorns.

It is interesting to do more research (and there is much more of interest) on both of these Christmas symbols, but we simply present them to you as our wish for your Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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Dec. 21 or 22, Winter Begins

Dec. 25, Christmas

Dec. 26, Boxing Day

Jan. 1, 2021,New Year's Day


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