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By Jim Allen 

Boat Parades Cancelled For 2020

Havasu - San Diego - Tempe


December 1, 2020

Lake Havasu, AZ

Havasu - NOT IN 2020 -- It is with great sadness that we announce the cancellation of the 2020 Boat Parade of Lights due to health concerns related to Covid-19. Our primary concern is the health and safety of our members, volunteers, sponsors, entries, and spectators. With the uncertainty surrounding the potential spread of the virus during the fall and winter months, we have determined that moving forward with the event would involve risks we are unable to mitigate. We thank everyone for your support of the Parade over the last 37 years and we look forward to bringing the Parade back to the community in 2021.

San Diego - NEXT YEAR -- We are sad to announce that due to the rise in COVID-19 cases, this year's San Diego Bay Parade of Lights is cancelled. We are disappointed that the parade cannot take place this year but we would like to do our part to minimize the spread of the virus. Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season. See you next year!

San Diego, CA

Tempe - CANCELLED -- Due to overwhelming concerns of crowding, this year's Fantasy of Light Boat Parade has been cancelled. We are looking forward to continuing to produce our quality holiday parades in 2021. Never fret; the holiday cheer will go on! Mill Avenue is lit up and decked out for the season and we are excited to announce our new Downtown Tempe Holiday Special sponsored by Edward Jones:

Can you imagine how many events like these have been cancelled this past year? Can you imagine how many will be cancelled this holiday season? Can you imagine how many will be cancelled in 2021? Do you realize how many businesses will not survive because of these cancellations? Is the cure worse than the disease?

See Is Virus The Least Of Our Worries? for more information.


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