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In Flanders Field

Many Of Our Ancesters Fought For And Died For Your Freedom

Series: Veterans In The News | Story 25

Are we going to stand by and let our country be taken from us?

Consider how it will be in our country and around the world if we allow the communists to take over our country. Make no mistake that is exactly what is happening right now.

In the past few months we have lost:

our churches,

our schools,

our restaurants - in fact many of our small businesses will never recover,

our savings.

We have been unable

to visit friends and relatives in nursing homes and retirement homes,

to see our loved ones during their last days because they were in the hospital,

to travel.

Is it true that in California families will be restricted from having the traditional Thanksgiving gatherings they have always had in their own homes?

What other items can you add to these lists? Think about it. There are many.

If we allow the communists to take over our country the above will be just the beginning.

Support our flag and the constitution. Without them you have nothing.


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