On The Cover June 2020

We Salute Our Flag And Our Fathers


June is a month of very special dates. On June 14, we celebrate Flag Day and its fascinating background. And, on June 21 we honor our fathers, step dads, and grandfathers. Both Flag Day and Father's Day have interesting stories of how they came to be. Their histories are explored in this issue's "Downstream" section, which begins on page 2. We hope you will find interesting some of the facts behind these celebrations and others as well.

This year too after the "quarantine" that has kept many of us inside and/or at home, the month ahead shows promise of being able to resume some of the activities we love and have been missing. I made an editorial decision to concentrate on venues that are opening (at press time) now, only briefly mentioning some closures -which, hopefully, will be openings instead by the time you peruse this issue.

Whatever your feelings are about navigating this unusual time in our lives, may you stay well and hopeful for a better future.


2 DOWNSTREAM - We celebrate our fathers and our flag.

4 BOATING - A record number of boaters is predicted as season opens.

8 TACKLE & TARGET - This month's featured pro is Art Chamberlin.

11 LAND CRUISING - There are some great gifts for outdoor dads.

14 WESTERN WILDLIFE - Domestic pets do not belong in the wild.


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