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By Jim Allen 


Life-Calk Is The Ultimate RV Sealant


Life Caulk

Even a minor water leak can cause serious and expensive damage to a motorhome, trailer or camper. That's why it is important to use a quality, industrial-grade sealant like Life-Calk® from RV by LIFE. Formulated specifically for use with RVs and made in the USA, Life-Calk is a long-lasting, permanently-flexible polysulfide compound for exterior or interior use.

Unlike many sealants, high-quality Life-Calk bonds to fiberglass, wood, metal, glass and itself. It is resistant to gasoline and diesel fuel.

Easy to use, Life-Calk is tack-free in one to three days. It cures to a firm, waterproof, non-shrinking seal, making it an ideal solution for roof edges, door and window frames, air conditioners, vents and hardware. The sandable sealant can be top-coated with many paints. It has excellent adhesion qualities and can be applied to damp surfaces.

Life-Calk is available in white or black. Suggested retail price for a 10.6 fl. oz. cartridge is $29.85.

Contact local dealers or RV by LIFE, a division of Life Industries Corp., 4060 Bridgeview Dr., North Charleston, SC 29405. Toll-free 800-382-9706; Fax: 843-566-1275.


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