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AirWave Marine Splitter

Splitter Connects VHF And AM/FM Radios To Single Antenna

Traditionally, each onboard radio requires a separate antenna. This is expensive and unnecessarily adds clutter and weight aloft. Saving space, time and money, the VHF & AM/FM Splitter from AirWave Marine connects both devices to a single dual-band antenna with crystal-clear performance.

Made in the USA, the AirWave Marine VHF & AM/FM Splitter uses a state-of-the-art passive filter design. The 3' dual-shield, low-loss white cable has an anti-UV coating for long service life.

Installing the VHF & AM/FM Splitter is plug and play. The antenna coax is threaded onto the FME M/F connector. Then, the PL-259/258 end is mated to the VHF radio and the Motorola plug slid into the AM/FM receiver. The AirWave Marine VHF & AM/FM Splitter comes with a three-year warranty and costs $99.

Contact local dealers or AirWave Marine, 9500 NW 12th St. #5, Doral, FL 33172. 305-471-9507


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