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December 1, 2019

BioLite FirePit

One of the best things about enjoying the outdoors is that you can do it no matter what your age or activity level is, and it doesn't matter if you live in town or out in the country. When I was a kid, I was lucky enough to live near a big desert area in town, and my dad regularly took us out camping and hunting, but even if I were just hanging around the house, I could lie on my belly in the grass and watch the bugs and the birds in our backyard.

So, whether you're looking for a gift for a hard-core survivalist or a weekend camper, here are some ideas for holiday gifts.

Stansport Youth Gold-Panning Kit

Got a kid who loves to go camping but gets a bit bored with fishing in the creek? Why not get her a Stansport Youth Gold Panning Kit? Arizona is famous for gold mines, and you absolutely never know what you'll find in any Arizona stream. The kit includes a 10.5-inch gold pan, 2 vials to hold nuggets and dust, tweezers with a magnifier, a hand trowel, and a snuffer bottle.

The snuffer bottle is used to vacuum the gold out of your pan – just squeeze it, hold the nozzle over the gold, and slowly release the squeeze to suck the gold right into the bottle. This kit will keep a kid occupied endlessly and it's only $23. Go to to get one.

BioLite Fire Pit

The BioLite Fire Pit is a splurge that might be the ideal gift for a family that enjoys the outdoors. If you're like me, it seems like no matter where I position myself, the smoke from the campfire follows me around. The BioLite Fire Pit burns wood or charcoal with no smoke, thanks to airflow technology that creates hyper-efficient flames.

The mesh body gives a 360 view of the flames. All you have to do to turn it into a portable hibachi grill is lift the fuel rack and throw in the charcoal. You can actually control the size of the flames with an app! The airflow system will run 24 hours on low on a single charge – and the low setting gives you the biggest flames.

One of the best things about it is that it cools off quickly so you can move camp or pack up. A solar cover is sold separately, and it will charge the unit. This FirePit costs just under $200. Biolite has a lot of great camp stoves as well, and most of them produce electricity while they burn, so you can hook up lights or charge your electronics. Check all their stuff out at

Fenix LD02 AAA

Everyone needs a flashlight, and if you camp in the desert you might want one with a UV light as well – to light up those scorpions that may have gotten into your tent or bedroll. The Fenix LD02 AAA flashlight runs on one AAA battery and the LED light gives you 70 lumens of warm white light and 200mW of UV light. It's super compact – just over 3-1/2 inches long and a half inch in diameter and weighs less than an ounce. Perfect for your pocket. The cost? Less than $30. See all the amazing Fenix products at

Thiessens Rainwear

Is there a beloved hunter or fisherman on your list? What about an inveterate hiker? He or she probably needs Thiessens new V1 Whitetail Packable Rainwear. These aren't cheap – just under $90 per piece, so $180 for the suit, but it'll be the last rainsuit they ever need.

They're light, with a breathable membrane that keeps outside moisture out but allows some inside moisture to escape. The jacket has a hood that allows for peripheral vision. Comes with a stuff sack so you can keep it handy in the OHV, boat, or backpack. Check them out at

StealthAngel Compass

One thing that breaks my heart is the reliance on electronic devices instead of paper maps. I learned to pinpoint my location with a map and compass when I was in high school, and it's a valuable skill. Unfortunately, most youngsters these days figure they don't need paper maps because Siri will show them the way. Maybe a StealthAngel 10-in-1 Multifunction Military Compass is cool enough to spark an interest in the life-saving skill of map reading.

This military-style compass is more than just a compass – it's also a thermometer, hyrometer, mirror/reflector, level, magnifying glass, ruler, LED light, whistle, and fire starter. The cool factor is very high. And the best part? It's under $15 so you can afford to gift a map with it. I really want one of these myself. Go to and check out this compass and lots of other incredible survival gear.

GoSun Solar Stove

All of us in Arizona know what it's like to camp where no fires are allowed. Fire danger is so extreme at times that even charcoal is not permitted. So why not cook with something that is always around in Arizona – the sun! The GoSun Portable Solar Stove weighs less than two pounds and reaches a max temperature of 550 degrees. It cooks most meals in 20 – 30 minutes and costs just under $119. It will work even on cloudy days, boils water, fits in your backpack, and is perfect for hot dogs, small fish, and diced food.

Want to cook bigger meals or have one around in case the power goes out? They have bigger ovens ranging from $229 to $449 and even a Solar Kitchen – the ultimate off-grid kitchen that includes the ice-free Chill and a hybrid solar-electric oven for $1799. Visit to see all their products. (and yes, there is no m at the end of the website address)


Do you have an Apple fan who often travels to his or her outdoor adventures? Or possibly stays in hotels instead of setting up a base camp? The BentoStack is the ultimate cool gift for him. Inspired by those adorable Bento boxes for Japanese lunches, the BentoStack is a multi-layered metal box designed to perfectly transport all the Apple accessories your techie traveler needs – power bricks, charging cords, earbuds, stylus, even spare watch bands. The BentoStack is just under $50, and the BentoStack Charge is $79.95. The Charge includes a Certified Qi Wireless Charging Pad in the lid. Uber cool. Go to to see all the options. They even come in colors to match iPhones.

HEX Bluetooth Speaker/Charger

The HEX Bluetooth Speaker/Charger is perfect for campers, backpackers, picnic lovers, bikers – you name it. This little device is not just a Bluetooth speaker – it's also a lantern, a flashlight, an FM radio, and a micro SD card reader all in one. It has a USB port for charging mobile devices and a micro USB port for rapid charging.

You can use any light source to charge it up and enjoy 20 hours of music at mid volume. The lantern can give you up to 60 hours of light at 40 lumens or 8 hours at 400 lumens. It's fantastic and will fit almost anywhere. It's almost $67, but it's totally worth it. Great for dorms and preppers too. Go to to see them.

Wazoo Survival Gear

As most outdoorsmen, I love things that serve more than one purpose – it makes them more worthwhile to carry. Wazoo functional fabrics fit the bill because you don't really have to carry them – you can wear them. In fact, you could even let your dog wear one. They have two amazing bandanas – the Foraging Bandana has pictures and info on twelve of the most common plants and fungus of North America, along with the 5 steps of identifying edible plants and the rules and ethics of foraging.

The Tracking Bandana has tracks of various North American animals shown to scale, along with default gaits for each animal. Each of the bandanas is $11. Pair the Tracking Bandana with a slap-on ruler bracelet (just $3) for the ultimate stocking stuffer for your outdoorsman. Wazoo Survival Gear also has lots of other great stuff and you can see it all at

Shakespeare's Catch A Monster

We can't forget the little angler in your life. Shakespeare's Catch a Monster combo rod and reel sets are perfect for kids who already love fishing and even for those who aren't quite sure yet. They are designed to appeal to young kids and come in four colors and designs.

The rods are 2'6" medium power one-piece rods and are paired with spincast reels to match. Each reel has a "monster" face. They are so cute, and under $15. Look for them at your local tackle shop or go to

Head To Local Outdoor Shop

GoSun Solar Oven

If you're looking for stocking stuffers, head to your local outdoor shop and head for the camping and cookware department. Look for the gadget section – there you'll find things like waterproof match holders, smash-proof holders for eggs, leak-proof salt and pepper shakers, wire saws, fire starting kits, survival bandanas, compasses, water purification tablets, and all kinds of great stuff. Lots of that stuff is under $10. Sportsmans Warehouse has a huge selection and I almost always snag something when I'm there.

And if you're looking for lots of ideas, check out this blog by my favorite blogger – Jillee – it's called "23 Items Under $5 That Can Save Your Life!" find it here:

A Holiday Wish

I hope you got some great gift ideas from this – I know I sure want some of this stuff. Have a wonderful holiday!


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