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Getting On And Off

Getting On And Off A Boat Has Never Been Easier


November 1, 2019

Getting onto and off a boat is difficult, especially when it's moving or for those with limited mobility. Falls are common and can be quite dangerous. With the Safashor Dock Model, boarding and exiting a vessel has never been safer. Permanently mounted to a fixed dock, it lowers to form a wide, handled gangplank that's easy to traverse. It's an important step in keeping the whole family involved in boating.

Tested to hold up to 350 lbs., the Safashor Dock Model is built in the USA of T61/63 marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel. The slip-resistant 38" standard gangplank works with tidal fluctuations up to 4'. It's ideal for use with private and commercial vessels 21'–36' long with 24"–38" high gunnel walls.

Using the Safashor Dock Model couldn't be easier. From the dock, the gangplank is lifted slightly and allowed to deploy forward to the boat. The two-piece, telescoping adjustable handle is then set into place. An available second handle can be used for even greater security. Once done, it stows upright and out of the way.

Installing the Safashor Dock Model is simple. The mounting chassis is pre-drilled and adjustable for a wide range of applications. It attaches in minutes using 6–10 bolts and washers. It's also easy to maintain, requiring an occasional spray lubrication and bolt tightening, as needed.

For locales with tidal ranges more than 4', 50" and 62" gangplanks with hydraulic shock dampers are available. Higher than average docks may use the optional drop-down extension bracket that reduces the gangplank pitch.

The Safashor Dock Model comes with a five-year manufacturer's warranty. It has an MSRP of $1,795 FOB.

Contact local dealers or Safashor Products International, 5900 Orange Ave., Fort Pierce, FL 34947. 772-828-2696.


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