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By Jim Allen 

Polishing Your RV

Utilize A Test Spot When Polishing-Out Spots


August 1, 2019

Even after washing and thoroughly rinsing an RV, it's easy to have water spots left behind. Not only are they unsightly, but over time, being mineral deposits, they can actually etch and permanently mar the finish. Fortunately, with the right tools, removing them is easy. Shurhold, the leader in marine cleaning and maintenance, has a Clean-N-Simple tip that will save a great deal of time and effort when doing so: utilize a test spot.

When polishing an RV, many owners start at one end and work towards the other, only to discover the chosen tools and compounds didn't do the job. Instead, it's simple to tape-off a small section of surface in an inconspicuous area, such as a corner near the bottom. This allows the owner to quickly find the right combination of polisher and product that's most effective.

To begin, Shurhold recommends the gentlest combination of equipment and technique, working up in aggressiveness as needed. Apply a light "X" of Shurhold Buff Magic restoration compound inside the taped area. It's formulated so that the abrasives break down in particle size as it's used, so multiple steps aren't needed. Using its Dual Action Polisher set at a medium speed with a Foam Compounding Pad, the product is worked in an overlapping up-and-down, side-to-side movement. It's designed to work quickly without leaving damaging burns and swirls. Always start and stop the polisher on the surface to avoid splattering.

When done buffing, the surface is wiped with a Microfiber Towel. If water spots are still present, the polisher speed should be increased.

For the most stubborn spotting, a Shurhold Pro Rotary Polisher can be used with Buff Magic. This is a professional tool that demands careful attention to avoid overworking the finish, but it has the power and speed to deal with tenacious problems. If the user mars with finish with the Rotary while eliminating water spots, a pass with a Dual Action Polisher will remove these imperfections.

The goal is a mirror-like finish. Once this is attained, the test area tape can be removed and the whole RV completed in one easy step. A coat of advanced polymer-based Pro Polish Wax will protect the finish from sun, salt, acid rain and other harsh elements and have it looking showroom-new again.

Contact local dealers or Shurhold, 3119 SW 42nd Ave., Palm City, FL 34990. 800-962-6241; Fax: 772-286-9620.


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