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Prescot Rent A Ramada

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You Can Rent A Ramada For Small Or Large Groups

Ramadas in city parks can be reserved for small or large groups, for an entire day or less. A reservation ensures your group of exclusive use of the ramada, and allows staff advance notice so that we can prepare for your group’s arrival. (We offer a 25 percent discount to City of Prescott residents.)

Ceremonial Pad Large Ramadas: Half Day (four hours or less) $150 Full Day (open to close) $300

Medium Ramadas: Half Day (four hours or less) $100 Full Day (open to close) $175

A $10 alcohol permit is required at all parks and lakes to consume beer and/or malt beverages only. Only Goldwater Lake and Watson Lake do not require the permit.

Goldwater Lake Ramada (capacity 100)

Goldwater Lakeview Ramada (capacity 100)

Goldwater Pinetop Ramada (capacity 100)

Willow Lake Hilltop Ramada (capacity 150 )

Willow Lake Garden Ramada (capacity 150)

Granite Creek Park Ramada (capacity 100)

Vista Park Ramada (capacity 100)

Willow Creek Park Ramada (capacity 100)

Small Ramadas: Half Day (four hours or less) $75 Full Day (open to close) $125

Other Facilities: 1) Goldwater Lake Ceremonial Pad (capacity 100)$35 per hour, maximum four hours 2) Watson Lake Upper Ramada and Ceremonial Pad(capacity 150) — Due to proximity cannot be rented separately — Half Day (four hours or less), $200; Full Day (open to close), $350

Refundable deposits: $200, all rentals

Commercial Event Rentals will require a Certificate of Liability.

Watson Lake Lower Ramada (capacity 40)

Flinn Park Ramada (capacity 40)

Ken Lindley Park Ramada (capacity 40)

Large Grass Areas

We have large grassy areas at Granite Creek Park and Watson Lake Park that can be reserved for large picnics, weddings, etc. A reservation fee will ensure your exclusive use of the area. Advance notice of your proposed event will allow us to control our irrigation schedules so that your event will take place uninterrupted by "controllable showers".

For groups of 50 or more, a Grass Area Application is required. Proof of Grass Area approval and park rental receipt will be required to be in the possession of the applicant's authorized representative attending the event.

Re-occurring events (two or more times a month) will be subject to a $200 fee per event. Hourly rental is $35 per hour plus an additional $200 refundable security deposit.

An outdoor stage area at Watson Lake Park, including power pedestals for vendors, may be reserved by special arrangement (fees apply). Please contact the office for more information. Rental fees and damage deposits will depend on the size and nature of the event, proposed admission fee, etc.

Special Event Park Rentals At Watson Lake

Upon request, Watson Lake can be rented for special events. Full park reservations (Upper Ramada, Lower Ramada and Grassy Area only) can be reserved for a daily cost of $800 with a $500 refundable clean-up and damage deposit. Use of the full camping area will be an additional $450 a day.

Partial camping (19 sites) will be $225 a day. All rental fees, including the $500, are refundable; the damage deposit will be due no later than 20 days prior to event.

Large scale events held at Watson Lake during peak season (now to Labor Day) will be subject to a 25 percent fee increase. A $3.00 parking fee will be charged at Watson Lake and Willow Lake for all vehicles entering your event. Parks staff will collect parking fees at the entrance to the park.

Requests for Special Events will require a Special Event Application and approval by the Special Event Committee. For information on camping, telephone our office at (928) 777-1122.


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