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Natural Parklands

Natural Parklands Storm Ranch North Trails Completed

With only some fine tuning, including the installation of signage, the 6.4 miles of trails at Storm Ranch North (commonly referred to as the Storm Trails), just east of Peavine Trail, is now complete. The trails sit on the 160 acres purchased by the City of Prescott In January 2018. Trail construction began in early February 2018 and took Over the Hill Gang over 5,500 hours to complete.

Noted for its variety, the trail system showcases narrow canyons, balanced rocks, boulder fields, and a stroll along Boulder Creek. Because of the many rock formations, the trails have Flintstone inspired names such as Bedrock City, Bamm-Bamm, and Pebbles. The last trail to be completed, Yabba Dabba View Trail offers 360 degree views. Other higher-elevation trails also include some impressive views of the Dells, Glassford Hill, Watson Lake, and Granite Mountain. The length of the trail is 6.4 miles, and the elevations are 5,162' (low) to 5400' (high).



Mountain Biking

Trail Running Access: Peavine Trail, several gated access points

Parking: Peavine Trailhead, Sundog Ranch Rd., $3.00 parking fee


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