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Iosso Vinyl and Leather Cleaner

Vinyl, Leather, Clear Plastic Windows Can Be Restored

Whether its home is on water, pavement, snow or a dirt trail, one of the first signs recreational equipment is aging is that its vinyl, leather, plastic or rubber is looking old and tired. Sun, heat, ozone, grime, suntan lotion and other contaminates all contribute to leaving them dirty, dry, brittle and faded. Vinyl and Leather Cleaner & Conditioner from Iosso Products is uniquely formulated to clean and refresh these surfaces. It leaves them looking and feeling like new and protected for future adventures.

Made in the USA, Vinyl and Leather Cleaner & Conditioner contains natural oils that clean tough grime and condition in one easy step. It leaves a light gloss finish that protects against drying and cracking. It makes minor scratches less visible and is perfect for clear vinyl windows.

Nationally ranked pro fisherman Kyle Weisenburger knows firsthand the beating surfaces can take from continued use and exposure to weather, noting, "Iosso Vinyl and Leather Cleaner & Conditioner worked out great for the seats!" Weisenburger competes in the Fishing League Worldwide, the largest tournament-fishing organization in the world

Iosso Vinyl and Leather Cleaner & Conditioner is easy to use. Sprayed onto the surface, it's simply wiped with a clean microfiber towel or lint-free cloth. It costs $3.75 for a 4 oz. squirt bottle, $12.95 for a 16 oz. spray bottle and $65.95 for a one-gallon container.

Contact Iosso Products, 1485 Lively Blvd., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007. Toll-free 888-747-4332.


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