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Washington - Hoh River To Open For Hatchery Chinook And Trout

Action: Opens hatchery chinook, trout and hatchery steelhead.

Effective date: June 1 through June 30, 2019.

Species affected: Hatchery chinook, trout, steelhead.

Location: The Hoh River from the Olympic National Park boundary upstream to the boat launch at the DNR’s Oxbow Campground.

Reason for action: The Hoh River wild spring/summer chinook are projected to return in numbers sufficient to allow incidental release impacts on this stock while allowing a sport fishery to target trout and dip-in hatchery chinook during June.

Additional information:

All species: Only 1 barbless hook (with up to 3 points) may be used. Bait is prohibited.

Salmon daily limit is 1 hatchery chinook, min. size 12 inches; release all other salmon.

Trout daily limit is 2, min. size 14 inches; release wild rainbow trout.

Other gamefish: statewide rules apply.

Anglers are reminded that up to 2 hatchery steelhead may be retained under statewide gamefish rules, all wild steelhead must be released. Wild rainbow trout and steelhead are defined as those with an intact adipose fin.

As in 2018, when the salmon opener closes at the end of June, the Hoh will remain open to trout including hatchery steelhead in July and August under rules listed in WDFW’s sport fishing rules pamphlet.

Information contact: WDFW Region 6 Office, (360) 249-4628.

Fishers must have a current Washington fishing license, appropriate to the fishery. Check the WDFW "Fishing in Washington" rules pamphlet (http://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/regulations/ )for details on fishing seasons and regulations. Fishing rules are subject to change. Check the WDFW Fishing hotline for the latest rule information at (360) 902-2500, press 2 for recreational rules. For the Shellfish Rule Change hotline call (360)796-3215 or toll free 1-866-880-5431.


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