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Grand Canyon Commemorates 100 Years

100th Anniversary Celebration

Grand Canyon Commemorates 100 Years And More

On February 26, 2019, the Grand Canyon celebrated 100 years since it's designation as a national park. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Grand Canyon welcomes approximately six million domestic and international visitors each year.

After 100 years, whether its hiking a corridor trail, taking a stroll on the rim or enjoying the landscape from an overlook, Grand Canyon continues to provide a space for all visitors to connect with the outdoors.

This 2019, Grand Canyon National Park will commemorate the past and inspire future generations to experience, connect with, and protect the park's unique natural, cultural, and historic resources.

Go Grand

Whether you are a regular visitor, a national park traveler or virtual explorer, Grand Canyon National Park hopes that you are inspired to experience and connect with a park that has inspired 100 years of stewardship and will continue to delight visitors and stewards for another 100 years! Come. Be Inspired. Go Grand.

Join The fun!

Every Grand Canyon experience is its own grand adventure and in 2019, it's bigger than ever. Join canyoneers from around the world in celebrating Grand Canyon National Park's centennial anniversary with special events and programs at the park and throughout Arizona. Share your Grand Canyon experience on social media using the hashtag #GrandCanyon100 or #GoGrand

Participate Online; Take The Pledge!

Grand Canyon National Park staff are dedicated to protect Grand Canyon resources and help visitors have the best experience possible. But we need your help, find out more at A Grand Pledge.

In 2017, Grand Canyon National Park received over 6.2 million visitors from all over the world. As National Park staff, we are thrilled that you share the same passion we do for this incredible landscape. But we need your help! The choices you make while visiting Grand Canyon National Park are important and affect the park's overall well being. Help Grand Canyon become a better place for all:

1. Read the pledge, understand what each action means, and think about how you can incorporate them to your next visit to public lands.

2. Have fun! Make sure to share a photo or video of yourself taking the pledge on social media using #GoGrand and #GrandCanyonPledge.

3. Teach others. Tell your friends and family about the actions they should take while visiting Grand Canyon and other public lands.

4. Park staff will repost their favorite Grand Canyon Pledge posts to the park's instagram page throughout the year.

I pledge to honor, respect, and protect Grand Canyon National Park for the next 100 years!

What The Grand Pledge Means -

• I pledge to carry plenty of water, salty snacks, sunscreen, and wear the proper clothing while hiking anywhere in Grand Canyon National Park.

• I pledge to stay a safe distance away from all wildlife and never to feed a wild animal, especially the rock squirrel!

• I pledge to never take anything from the canyon except for selfies and never leave anything on trees or rocks like graffiti. I will Leave No Trace of my visit so that the next person can experience the same beauty as I did.

• I pledge to know where I can go with my pet, to always keep it on a leash, and to clean up after it.

• I pledge to travel green by carrying a reusable water bottle, recycling my trash, riding the park shuttle buses, and being conscious of my water use while visiting Grand Canyon.

• I pledge to carry my patience during busy times and take advantage of all the opportunities to learn more about Grand Canyon National Park.

Thank you for taking the pledge and showing your commitment to Grand Canyon National Park.

Looking For More Ways To Participate?

Participate in Grand Canyon Conservancy's "A Grand Vision" campaign! This campaign has four priorities:Trails Forever, Dark Sky Preservation, Discovery and Exploration, and Desert View Inter-tribal Heritage Site.

For more information mail to PO Box 129, Grand Canyon, AZ 86023, or call (928) 638-7888.


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