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E-Z Over Grill, Nothing Slips Through The Cracks

With E-Z Over Grill, Nothing Slips Through The Cracks

Whether in a wooded campsite, on a secluded beach or one's backyard, cooking over an open fire is an outdoor tradition. Generations have experienced the same problem, however: seeing their dinner slip through the grate and into the flames.

Patent-pending E-Z Over Grill is a thoroughly modern take on the classic tripod design. It securely locks food in place between two grates and spins for even heat distribution. When it's time to flip, the entire grill basket simply rotates on its axis 180° in seconds, no spatulas or tongs needed. Built of 100 percent stainless steel with heavy-duty construction, E-Z Over Grill is made to last. Every fitting is oversized for durability and ease of use. All components pack conveniently into two included carry cases.

Available in 24" and 18" diameters, the two grates adjust for foods as thin as bacon to as thick as corn and chicken pieces. Laser-etched numbers on the perimeter help keep track of items with different rubs, sauces or levels of spiciness. E-Z Over Grill comes with a lid to seal-in the delicious smoky flavor or make campfire pizzas.

The 77.5" tripod legs are comprised of three sections each, with high-quality, quick-thread joints for fast assembly. A unique cable system adjusts the grill up and down for the ideal cooking height, and reduces squatting and bending over the heat. Built-in hooks hold the lid and utensils.

The innovative E-Z Over Grill is simple to use - but always with heat-resistant gloves. After assembling the legs and standing the tripod over the heat source, the grill basket is hooked to the cable. The food is placed on the lower grate, and the top grate added and secured with the large wing nut. The cooking height is adjusted and the cover positioned, if needed. A slight push will spin the grill for 10 minutes, ensuring even heat distribution. When it's time to turn the food, the side clamp is loosened, the grill flipped and retightened.

There are two ways to serve food from the E-Z Over Grill. The top grate can be removed using the integrated handle and the items removed in the traditional manner. This is ideal when cooking to different degrees of doneness. Or the grill can be rotated 90° and removed for easier serving away from the fire.

The 24" E-Z Over Grill sells for $310; the 18" for $279.

Contact local dealers or E-Z Over Grill, 587 Hostetter Ln., Annville, PA 17003. 717-450-6081.


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