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With A Parkit360, Moving A Fishing Boat Is Effortless

The great thing about a trailed boat is it can be stored almost anywhere. Limitations are typically due to the size and turning radius of the tow vehicle. With Parkit360's Force line of battery-powered trailer dollies, everything from a jon boat to a 28' center console with twin 225s can be maneuvered by a single person around tight corners and obstacles. And unlike with a car or truck, the trailer can be stored tongue-first for an unparalleled level of theft prevention.

The Force 5K and Force 10K trailer dollies are about the same size and weight of a lawnmower, and will handle 5,000 lbs. and 10,000 lbs., respectively, with a 900 lb. tongue weight. A robust 1.5 hp Bosch motor connected to the boat or onboard 12V battery provides the muscle. It easily powers a trailer over uneven terrain and even up a 6% grade.

It attaches quickly and securely with Parkit360's patented Stableloc technology. A thumb toggle on the handle switches between forward and reverse. With the Smart Brake Controller, it'll automatically set the trailer's electric or surge brakes when in neutral. A video is at bit.ly/2hOhrDJ. Prices start at $1,200, with online specials commonly available.

Contact local dealers or Parkit360, 130 Industrial Ave. Unit 600, Carleton Place, ON, Canada K7C 3T2. Toll-free 888-926-5517.


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