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Obi Fire Has Now Consumed Nearly All Fuels


August 1, 2018

Grand Canyon, AZ - Fire managers are reporting that the Obi Fire has now consumed nearly all of the fuels located in the containment area on the Walhalla Plateau.

Fire behavior was observed as creeping with continued smoke production. The final acreage reported for the fire is 11,532. There have been no injuries to firefighters or public reported at this time which achieves our first and highest goal in wildfire management.

Resources currently assigned to the Obi Fire are being dispatched to higher priority incidents throughout the region as Obi Fire operations deescalate. Further downsizing of personnel is expected over the next few days. Remaining crews will patrol the Walhalla Plateau, assessing and repairing any damage done as a result of operations, and completing rehabilitation actions.

Many of the temporary road and trail closures that were in effect for the Obi Fire at Grand Canyon National Park's North Rim will be lifted at 6:00 PM on Saturday, August 18, 2018. Cape Royal Road from the junction with the Point Imperial Road will reopen all the way to Cape Royal. Additionally, the Cape Final Trail, Cliff

Spring Trail, the northern section of the Ken Patrick Trail from Point Imperial to Cape Royal Road, and the southern section of the Ken Patrick Trail from Cape Royal Road to the old Bright Angel Trail will reopen at the designated time. "We're happy to have these trails reopened, but we want visitors to be vigilant about fire-weakened or fire-damaged trees when hiking on the reopened trails." said Obi Fire Incident Commander Paul Lemmon.

Due to continued fire activity and firefighter presence in the nearby Kaibab National Forest, some road and trail closures remain in place. Swamp Ridge Road, the North Bass Trail, the Powell Plateau Trail, Fire Point, Nankoweap Trail, and the Point Imperial Trail will remain closed until further notice. Fire managers are continuously assessing conditions in the area and will work directly with and will immediately advise park managers as conditions change and it becomes safe to reopen roads and trails. Prior to visiting these areas visitors should check-in at the Backcountry Information Center or the North Rim Visitor Center.

Smoke from large scale wildfires across the west may have impacts on the canyon over the coming days. Individuals sensitive to smoke can learn how to help protect their health by visiting the Coconino County Public Health Services District website.

With this being the final press release for the Obi Fire, please visit the Obi Fire Inciweb incident page at for periodic updates.

You can also call the Grand Canyon National Park fire information line at 928-638-7819 for recorded fire information. For additional information about wildland fire at Grand Canyon National Park, visit the park's wildland fire webpage.


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