Times Spent Outdoors: Priceless!

Matt Papas - Keller Williams Realty

Publishers Note - I have had the pleasure of working with Matt Papas for the past ten years while he was in business development. I could not have found a more competent individual to work with. He was responsive to my needs as a client went above and beyond the call of duty to add value to my company.

Papas is also an avid runner and chess player. Maybe we can get him to share with us some of the pictures of his chess matches. - Jim Allen

Matt Papas has joined the Matt & Molly Team ( https://www.themattandmollyteam.com/our-team/ ) at Keller Williams Realty.

Papas was born and raised in Upper Michigan where he spent most of his childhood outdoors. He is a Michigan State University graduate where he achieved a B.A. in Business Administration and Marketing. He has spent the majority of his professional career in Business Development and Sales.

In coming into real estate Matt seeks to assist anyone in Asheville and surrounding areas with the realization and ultimate goal of owning their own home. At the same time he has set his vision and goals of becoming an even greater attribute to Asheville and his surrounding environment.

Come visit Asheville, the small city nestled in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Let me help you make my happy city, your happy city. - Matt Papas



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