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Desert Tails Shelter Animal Shelter


PLEASE HELP -- These four dogs, rescued from a hoarding situation, have now been shaved, neutered and received their shots, thanks to Desert Tails Shelter Animal Shelter Scottsdale. They have received the care they need and are hoping for Forever Homes.

Desert Tails Shelter Animal Shelter is located at 6434 E. Thomas Road, Scottsdale, Ariz., 85251; their phone number is (480) 245-3427.

Shelter Manager Adama Pfaff ( hopes that our readers and those who care about animals in need will visit the many dogs and cats (of many varieties) at the shelter and consider adopting or fostering.

Needs for donations and volunteers are many and crucial. Please consider helping this worthwhile shelter.

We are Desert Tails Shelter

As some of you may have seen recently on our Facebook page, someone left this sweet, beautiful boy tied up in front of the shelter in 111°-degree heat. He chewed through the leash to go stand in the little shade that he could find. He has burns on his paws. He has no chip and no name. He was just left there, without food, water, or shade. And he's such a good dog; he's potty trained and likes other dogs, cats, children... everyone. If you have to surrender your pet, please, PLEASE contact us. Thankfully, we found him, but this story could have ended very badly.


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