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AZ Lakes AZ Pros Matt Shura At Hidden Lake

We 'Found' Hidden Lake

Series: Arizona Lakes Arizona Pros | Story 5

A new lake opened in Arizona just this year – Hidden Lake near Buckeye. This is a private lake, and you pay to get in, but you pay to get into any lake, right?

Hidden Lake is being managed as a trophy bass lake, and has been stocked with Florida strain bass. The Gila River feeds this lake, which used to be a gravel pit. There is an inlet at one end and an outlet at the other, but for the most part the water is kept fresh because the Gila actually flows underground here, but the gravel pit was dug deeper than the water table.

This is a good-sized lake – 60 acres - and it is almost surrounded by tall bushes and trees, which grow right over the water. There are also lots of good structure and cover in the water.

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