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By Jim Allen 


Launching Small Boats Is Easy With Wheel-A-Way


Unlike their larger brothers, small boats typically aren't launched from a trailer. Owners tend to wrestle them to water's edge, often damaging hulls and backs in the process. With Davis Instruments' Wheel-a-Weigh™ launching wheels, one person is all it takes to easily roll a RIB, rowboat, dinghy or inflatable with hard transom to the shoreline. Best of all, the innovative device doesn't even need to be removed to use the vessel.

Wheel-a-Weigh is built to last using 316 stainless steel. The pivot brackets install easily on a wood, fiberglass or aluminum transom. Mounted as wide as possible, they accommodate an outboard and provide maximum stability when rolling. Attached using quick-release detent pins, the robust wheel assemblies can be flipped up and locked into position when the boat is in the water, or simply removed.

Offered in two sizes, Wheel-a-Weigh Standard is perfect for boats up to 220 lbs. Weighing a mere 9.4 lbs., it has 10" inflatable tires with non-corrosive hubs that accommodate almost any terrain.

For boats up to 330 lbs., Wheel-a-Weigh Extra Duty comes with 14" inflatable tires with non-corrosive roller bearing hubs. Its unique curved frames are engineered to move the point of balance forward to make rolling even easier. It weighs 15.9 lbs.

Davis Instruments' Wheel-a-Weigh Standard sells for $169.99 and Wheel-a-Weigh Extra Duty, $259.99.


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