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Grand Canyon National Park Announces 2019 Centennial Logo

Grand Canyon, AZ- In recognition of Grand Canyon National Park's 99th birthday, the National Park Service and Grand Canyon Association unveiled the logo for the park's upcoming 2019 Centennial.

Depicting one of Grand Canyon's most significant elements, the Colorado River, the logo is a visual reminder of the rich natural, cultural, and historical resources found at Grand Canyon National Park. The accompanying tagline, Go Grand, encourages inspiration and grand adventures.

The logo was the result of a collaborative effort between the park's official nonprofit partner, Grand Canyon Association, Grand Canyon National Park employees, and marketing firm Off Madison Avenue.

The 2019 Centennial will commemorate 100 years of the National Park Service at Grand Canyon and acknowledge Grand Canyon's significant cultural history and relationships with the park's 11 traditionally associated tribes. To prepare for a new century of stewardship, the park's Centennial goal commemorates the past and inspires future generations to experience, connect with, and protect the canyon's unique resources.

To accomplish this goal, Grand Canyon National Park is working with employees, gateway communities, and tribal and park partners. Grand Canyon Association will continue to work hand in hand with the National Park Service to support the park's 2019 Centennial.

"As Grand Canyon National Park gets ready to celebrate its next 100 years, we are grateful for the support of Grand Canyon Association. With this support, we continue building a future that is inclusive and reflective of our nation, while honoring those who have called Grand Canyon home and those who have fought to protect this

special place for future generations," said Chris Lehnertz, Superintendent of Grand Canyon National Park.

To increase Grand Canyon's public engagement, the centennial year will feature events throughout 2019 at the South Rim, North Rim, Desert View, Inner Canyon, and surrounding gateway communities. The 2019 centennial logo will be part of a comprehensive brand and visual identity key to the promotion and marketing of the park's anniversary.

"The Centennial year is a reminder for us to look back at our successful partnership with Grand Canyon National Park, and to celebrate the the last 100 years while we prepare for the next 100 years," said Susan Schroeder, Grand Canyon Association CEO. "We look forward to using the logo to build awareness of the Centennial, as

well as the vital conservation, restoration, and education efforts supported by Grand Canyon Association donors."

For more information visit, nps.gov/grca or grandcanyon.org.


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