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By Jim Allen 


The term comes from the Swedish term plocka upp.


I recently saw a report on one of the local Arizona news channels on plogging. The report showed a group of people exercising and getting ready to do some trash cleanup along the Salt River.

According to Wikipedia Plogging is a combination of jogging and picking up litter. The term comes from the Swedish term plocka upp.

What I didn't see in their report was any reference to cleanup along our border or in our public lands.

Don McDowell addresses border clean up in his article Congress Explores Environmental Destruction Caused by Illegal Border Crossings. "Illegal migrants, human traffickers, and drug smugglers, whether crossing by foot or using vehicles cause substantial damage to the natural and cultural resources found on federal lands. Tremendous amounts of human waste and garbage are left on borderlands every year. Medical supplies, diapers, clothing, and even broken-down cars are all left behind."

This article can be found at

There has also been a shortage of information about why some of our federal agencies are not allowing private organizations access to public lands to complete their volunteer cleanup projects.


One of the organizations that has been involved in helping to keep our outdoors clean and useable is Tread Lightly. .

Another article is Arizona: US Forest Service to Temporarily Prohibit Recreational Shooting in Parts of Coronado National Forest. This article was published June 2014. The article can be seen at .

More articles on keeping our outdoor areas clean.

Tell us about your organization or family has helped cleanup our outdoors.


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