Times Spent Outdoors: Priceless!

Golden Decks Lifts Make Docking Like Parking A Car

Few drivers think twice about the versatility of walking around a parked vehicle. With a custom-built Golden Deck Lift from Golden Boat Lifts, boat owners have that same luxury. Like a car on a driveway, it delivers unprecedented 360 degree access and all the benefits of out-of-water storage: added speed, increased fuel economy, less time spent scrubbing the hull and higher resale value.

Whether it's a PWC, or sterndrive, outboard or inboard vessel up to 240,000 lbs., Golden Deck Lifts are simple to use. The boat is maneuvered between the guideposts, over the submerged grated deck. With the touch of a button, the platform it raised. As it comes up, custom-fitted aluminum bunks perfectly nestle and support the hull.

In the raised position, the Golden Deck Lift deck platform is completely stable and flush with its land-based surroundings. Smaller boats can be stepped into and out of, while larger vessels typically use a set of optional steps. Both are far safer than a traditionally docked or moored boat. Because of the all-around access, loading gear is effortless, and hull and propeller inspections have never been easier.

The Golden Deck Lift's anti-slip decking is manufactured from a rot- and insect-resistant polymer that doesn't shrink or swell like wood. Eco-friendly, the grating doesn't block sunlight from reaching the seabed, encouraging aquatic vegetation growth. It's available in an assortment of colors to match the waterfront décor.

Like all Golden Boat Lifts, the Golden Deck Lift is made in the USA to the company's renowned standards of quality. Using only stainless steel and fully welded, heavy duty 6061 T6 marine-grade aluminum, it's built to last and has a 15-year warranty to back it up. The powerful drive motors are Golden Sea-Drives®. They're so reliable, in over 18,000 manufactured, not one has ever failed.

For 30 years, Golden Boat Lifts has manufactured a wide range of safe and reliable boat lifts in its ISO 9001:2008 certified facility. Continually innovating, the company recently broadened its scope with the freestanding Tornado Boat Lift.


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