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Rescued - Be A Hero For Wildlife

Your donations will help the AZGFD wildlife center.


January 1, 2018

You can help sick or injured wildlife not only on a Giving Tuesday, but also on any day of the year.

The animals pictured have all been rescued during the past year. Read how you can be a hero for wildlife.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department's Wildlife Center treats sick, injured or orphaned wildlife. Some can be released to the wild, but those that can't require continued care, either as "wildlife ambassadors" for educational presentations at local schools and community events, or for placement in a zoo or wildlife sanctuary. The animals pictured with this story have all been rescued during the past year.

The department receives no Arizona tax dollars to operate, and the cost of feeding and caring for these animals often outweighs the available funding.

We've set a goal to raise $10,000, and there are two easy ways you can help: Visit or text CRITTER to 41444. If you can't donate on a Giving Tuesday, we'll gladly accept donations at any time.

Your generous donation will help the wildlife center in accomplishing its mission of caring for these animals. Thank you for your consideration! #conserveandprotect #azwildlife #keepwildlifewild


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