Happy New Year

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January 1, 2018

Jim and Carol L. Allen, Publisher and Editor

Carol and I wish you all a great new year.

Angela Ogden, Production Manager

Arizona Boating & Watersports News Magazine / Western Outdoor Times would like to introduce you to one of the best graphic designers in the business.

Jim and Carol L. Allen, Publisher and Editor

Angela Ogden has a B.A. in graphic design from Point Loma University, San Diego, CA (1988). She has worked on newspapers and magazines and added her freelance work in 2005. Angela is based in Oklahoma and has clientele all over the country. Her clients range from the US Chamber of Commerce to small local businesses.

Margie Anderson, Outdoors Editor - John Anderson, Shooting Sports Editor

We at Arizona Boating & Watersports and Western Outdoor Times are proud to feature many of Anderson’s stories and pictures over the past twelve years. Margie and her husband John have been a part of the Arizona Outdoors for many years. They are ardent enthusiasts of boating, camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, RVing, wildlife, and photography. It would be hard to find an Arizona couple who know more about the hidden treasures of Arizona’s outdoors.


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