On The Cover - For Many, Fall Is The Favorite

Take Time To Enjoy Arizona's Awesome Autumn


November 1, 2017

This lovely photo of Lockett Meadows from Margie Anderson shows part of the state dressed in the beauty of autumn colors. The gorgeous fall palette draws many from the Valley of the Sun just a short distance north to visit the cooler country and its autumn beauty. Besides the many upcoming holiday events, the outdoors draws enthusiasts to hunt, fish, camp, and recreate in the refreshing weather that is so welcome after a long, hot summer. May you enjoy thoroughly this season that many call their favorite.

LAND CRUISING - What's In The Bag? As the giving season nears, Margie Anderson shares many gift ideas for the outdoors enthusiast.

TACKLE & TARGET - 'Go Fish' Gets Green Light. Arizona anglers have a ton of "Green Light" reasons to keep catching and cooking fresh fish.

We thank all of those who have been and are involved in helping during our nation's many and tragic events this year - both natural and human-caused. These incredible persons include first responders, police, Good Samaritans, families, and friends, among others who simply care about their fellow beings.

Daylight Saving Time Ends: Nov. 5

Election Day: Nov. 7

Veterans' Day: Nov. 11

Thanksgiving: Nov. 23

Pear Harbor Remembrance Day: Dec. 7


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