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Fish Recipe: Turning White Meat Into Golden Cakes

With fishing busting loose for many species heading into a cooler weather and overall fall-fishing mania, it's a must to have a great fish recipe at hand.

Whether you like to chase striped bass, sneak up on panfish, or stay close to home and catch catfish in Community waters, here's a great way to prepare any tasty, white-meat fish:

Fish Cakes

Serves 4

Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: 10 minutes


• 1 pound white-fleshed fish fillets, cooked and flaked

• 1 large egg

• 1 small yellow onion, minced

• 1 tablespoon lemon juice

• 2 tablespoons prepared yellow mustard

• 1 teaspoon dried parsley flakes

• ½ teaspoon salt

• ¼ teaspoon coarse ground black pepper

• ½ cup cornflakes crumbs, divided

• Vegetable oil for frying


• Place a large skillet on medium-high heat and add enough oil to just cover the bottom.

• In a mixing bowl, combine fish, egg, onion, lemon juice, mustard, parsley, salt and pepper and stir together thoroughly.

• Add half the cornflakes to the mixture and gently toss together.

• Separate the mix into fourths and form each into a round patty. Roll each patty in remaining cornflakes to coat the outside.

• Place patties in the hot oil and fry both sides until crisp and browned to your liking.

• Serve and enjoy.

(Originally published in the July-August 2016 issue of Arizona Wildlife Views magazine. To subscribe, visit http://www.azgfd.gov/magazine.)


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