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Who is Modern Spartan Systems and what can they do for me?

Those are interesting questions. Who are these guys? Answer – we are an advanced "GREEN" chemical technology company with formulas that produce "real world" benefits that are blowing people away. So unless you are among a handful of competition shooters, hunters, military/ LE, Special Forces snipers, motor-heads or into manufacturing, this is likely the first time that you have heard of us. AND if you have not heard of us, we need to change that and teach you what OPTIMIZING your assets is all about!!!

Here are the problems that we solve: contaminants, friction, metal wear and contaminant re-adhesion. For the record, our surface prep cleaners may be the best around, but we are going to focus on what we do to metal and friction.

Now I am going to talk straight with you, and you may think, "Oh these guys are pushing another brand of snake oil." The shocking truth is that in a world full of snake oil, we have developed something quite different, AND everything we claim, and we claim things that make engineers cringe, is 100% accurate. Our "GAME CHANGING" chemistry impacts & OPTIMIZES the performance of firearms, fishing reels, engines, vehicles and many other things. (By the way the engineers end up being our best friends – pretty cool)!

When living on planet earth, you must deal with friction. Friction is a good thing sometimes, but a bad thing at other times. It is good for example, when you are walking you want friction to keep your feet from sliding out from underneath you – this helps you to get where you are going and not skin your knees. It is bad for example in bearings where more friction or resistance means more energy is spent to create movement.

Our proprietary GREEN chemistry (everyone loves GREEN), reduces friction in metal to metal contact up to 90% - this is a MAGNITUDE BETTER than what we compete against. It also miraculously protects metal from wear – we are talking about flat-lining abrasion, AND we create a microscopic "SUPER SHIELD" (like a Spartan phalanx) that acts as a barrier to contaminant re-adhesion. Not to brag, but we have one more trick up our sleeve; we can clean up corrosion, prevent corrosion, and sometimes we can reverse the effects of corrosion.

Our slogan "Different Chemistry" - "Different Results" is based on the fact that we are not really a "lubricant" manufacturer; we are a specialized "metal treatment" manufacturer. Our oil and grease lubricants have what we jokingly call "MAGIC MOLECULES" (not to be confused with magic beans – totally false). These molecules load into and onto the surface structure of metal like trillions of microscopic, self leveling super-magnets (metal is microscopically porous), making it harder, tighter and smoother. In other words, we don't leave a film on top of the surface, we condition the metal itself. Our formulas impact physics! [All of this is proven and easily provable].

OK, enough of the semi-technical boring stuff, let's talk about applications and results that help YOU! If you have firearms (our showcase industry), fishing reels, cars, trucks, boats, ATVs, motorcycles or generators, (or if you do machining), you will want our products AND here is why:

Here is how we OPTIMIZE firearms –

• Our "Clean/Lube SYSTEM" takes you from "maintenance" to "OPTIMIZATION" – the payoff is improved


• Improved accuracy (90-95% of the time)

• Phenomenal reliability (in ALL TEMPS & ENVIRONMENTS)

• Super smooth action – great functionality

• Operating temperatures may decrease by 10-40%

• Extended barrel life (up to 5-15X)

• Extend time between cleaning (2-5X more shots)

• Dramatically faster cleaning (cuts cleaning time by 50-75%)

Here is how we OPTIMIZE fishing reels –

• Fishing reels are "tools" that lots of people forget to maintain – our reel cleaner and lube will OPTIMIZE the performance of those "tools".

• Smoother casting

• Longer casting

• Smoother retrieving (may even sound different)

• Protection for gears & bearings when the "Big One" is making a long run

• Excellent in extreme heat and sub-zero (ice fishing) temps

• Excellent corrosion protection

• Long-lasting effects – more time between cleanings

• Less wear and tear equals longer equipment life

• Less frustration from fewer equipment malfunctions

• Greater chance of landing "the big one"

• If caught early enough, the formulas can salvage reels that have fallen into salt water

Here is how we OPTIMIZE engines and vehicles –

• Inside vehicles there are lots spinning & moving parts AND lots opportunities to elevate and protect the performance of cars, light trucks, vans, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, big rigs, tractors, forklifts, heavy equipment, generators... (Our formula can be used in engines, fuel systems, manual transmissions, differentials, gear boxes...).

• Increased Fuel Efficiency

• Increased Power

• Lower Operating Temps

• Dramatic Reduction in Metal Wear

• Quieter & Smoother Operation

• Extended Asset Life

• + Safety Factor - Possible protection and continued operation of an engine if oil is lost (hitting a pot hole). We do not make any guarantees, but YES, we have seen many cases of vehicles running smoothly after losing engine oil for hundreds and even thousands of miles - NO OIL IN IT!

Who are we, and what can we do for you? The bottom line is that we are a company built from the ground up with a mission to use our American made technologies to make a positive impact on many industries, and that positive impact happens one person at a time, when individuals learn about and start using and benefiting from our products. If you use the products, we will be helping you!


CEO – Modern Spartan Systems



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