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Reservations Accepted For Annual Game and Fish Commission Awards Banquet

Jan. 14 Event Recognizes Advocates Who Strive To Support Arizona’s Wildlife

PHOENIX — The Arizona Game and Fish Commission will recognize 17 people during the 2016 Commission Awards event, which will commend national/state/local leaders, wildlife advocates, and volunteers for their work to support the state’s wildlife.

The event will be held on Saturday, Jan. 14, at the Arizona Grand Resort at 8000 S. Arizona Grand Parkway in Phoenix. Reservations are being accepted for $65 per person to attend the event, which begins with a social hour and live music at 5 p.m., and will be followed by dinner and the awards presentation at 6 p.m.

The banquet recognizes Arizonans who have contributed significantly to the conservation of the state's wildlife, its outdoor heritage and the mission of the Arizona Game and Fish Department. Those to be honored this year include:

• Award of Excellence: Sonoran Sky Elementary

• Youth Environmentalist of the Year: Matteo Bailloux

• Outdoor Writer of the Year: Jim and Carol Allen, Western Outdoor Times

• Media of the Year: Arizona Antelope Foundation

• Conservation Organization of the Year: Mule Deer Foundation

• Conservationist of the Year: Jim Lawrence

• Natural Resource Professional of the Year: Gloria Tom

• Volunteer of the Year: Robbie Love

• Educator of the Year: Karen Klein

• Mentor of the Year: Steve Sams

• Advocate of the Year - State: Arizona Sen. Gail Griffin

• Advocate of the Year - Federal: Don McDowell

• Business Partner of the Year: Linda Morgan, Yuma Visitors Bureau

• Buck Appleby Hunter Education Instructor of the Year: Bobby Goitia

• Wildlife Habitat Steward of the Year: Bill Cordasco

• North American Model Commissioners Award: Celeste Cook

The first Commission Awards event was held in January 1991 and since then, 361 people have been recognized for their dedicated work toward securing Arizona’s wildlife for generations to come.

To make a reservation, use the RSVP form ( http://email.robly.com/wf/click?upn=gnpZbt3IUEoS7-2BNY3DSAVVYudVD1i5dNWy4M7IglSC-2F-2B-2F9-2B0sIXsCs-2Bry0lBfwHusNqNqXldrl7mi8gfjeP-2FkR94sElti4Vj2tvkbmWjvhyC7vSwgpLU-2FSfRe517A1ww65RRsAI2n3Oj-2B0c8iOe08jnKTC5bkc6Nui3O8kwjVQytA3fewI4QdjSfeBL7RMWz_ph2AEUlNkqXmsUlZpO4kDKP39b39imyBS-2BVs0EjtdoNvkFMii8mXCwcerpVm-2B9Pqmn-2BxIGgSNhn8gUVlh8y52Io5awQvJHwjTuyWd2ODyFdP4mCcgo5DOmedvHr-2BM2K0h5wk-2BZWsm7ZdqdcMty0D4LR5pLYwbHDNEZTMED9SEtRoXwoBFU-2F-2F-2FcrUXyAvco5GarUlVQPiNFryzF58SiWHgMBNesrO1mA9r-2BFS3OmJdq15GLO-2BjW-2BaRYEF8JX8-2BO-2F2TKxuTTK7r2w7NwN9eP9WufQD5gf-2Byy6zAtrLuCg8Ov0MIcnvxM52WnFZKACTj1u3qg4IBHkK985FbHhCygYnN05VyxJNc9KH5siOlIuZdpSXzvPLkg10ezRgqeTGAWz1k88ZIyW8ZS6VjrgvwA5P74NiGmhQsrcr319ciOZMrEmohXBLcJZS3RFMZAgyvp9m )located on the Department website at

http://www.azgfd.com/agency/commission/awards ( http://email.robly.com/wf/click?upn=nwUjRqdRFnzb84kIkg7-2BhQ3jyb1Ns1CodmQEFL3OXFDvz4ODZhZpFXv9AoICfWb7zQIObTpdYzsPhNzrC-2BOPLw-3D-3D_ph2AEUlNkqXmsUlZpO4kDKP39b39imyBS-2BVs0EjtdoNvkFMii8mXCwcerpVm-2B9Pqmn-2BxIGgSNhn8gUVlh8y52Io5awQvJHwjTuyWd2ODyFdP4mCcgo5DOmedvHr-2BM2K0h5wk-2BZWsm7ZdqdcMty0D4LR5pLYwbHDNEZTMED9SEtRoXwoBFU-2F-2F-2FcrUXyAvco5GarUlVQPiNFryzF58SiWHgMBNesrO1mA9r-2BFS3OmJdq15GLO-2BjW-2BaRYEF8JX8-2BO-2F2TKxuTTK7r2w7NwN9eP9Wud361vfNX5XXXj5O7BxV0eAZdcW3mX-2FzPMRvTJBnGsNPtvC0YV95dpbbx0nBVey-2B74EQkxKqx6uPhw3DYcA6y5nM1x-2BRt4e7Lrraaqe6Yes06vxZOsK2Xqx4PnUTBlhxKnsNg-2BeEkE0taXoda5tRyRr1Rn3-2FvcHR44ZMtheihPju ) or contact Lynn

Roe at (623) 236-7332 or e-mail lroe@azgfd.gov ( lroe@azgfd.gov



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