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Arizona Renaissance Festival

Huzzah - Ren Faire Is Back In Arizona!

Merriment abounds! Get ready to be transported back to the 16th century as one of the largest and most picturesque Renaissance Festivals in the nation prepares for raucous revelry below the foothills of the Superstition Mountains.

The Festival is celebrating its 29 th season of pomp and pageantry and invite you to join in the revelry! The Arizona Renaissance Festival runs every Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 11th through April 2 including Presidents' Day Monday, Feb. 20, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Cheer for brave knights! Roam our 30-acre festival village filled with whimsical castles, cottages, pubs and 13 stages of nonstop performances of music, mermaids, merriment, dance, acrobatics and comedy.

Foolish Pleasures

Foolish pleasures mix with artisan treasures as you shop, eat and revel with a cast of nearly 2,000 colorfully costumed characters. Prepare for new shows, a new stage and don't forget to reserve your seat at the Pleasure Feast - the most exclusive event within the Festival with a five-course dinner and variety show!

Longing for childhood days of make believe? Mythic heroes slaying dragons, sea maidens appearing from the sea, steel-clad warriors jousting atop mighty steeds and knights in shining armor saving damsels in distress: This can all be found at the Arizona Renaissance Festival. There is definitely something for the children and the child in all of us to be found at the Faire. All this is in a fanciful European style village constructed on a 30-acre site just below the foothills of the Superstition Mountains, east of Phoenix and northwest of Tucson.

This is where you'll find theater, circus, an arts and crafts fair, acrobatics, a jousting tournament, people-powered rides, and a feasting – all rolled into a nonstop, day-long family adventure! Merchants hawk their wares, selling everything from clothing to custom ceramics.

Observe In Awe

Observe in awe at the demonstrations displaying skills of blacksmithing, jewelry making, glassblowing, leather work and pottery throwing. Over 200 artisans are housed in the market lanes filled with whimsical storybook shops. There are 13 open-air stages where you can listen to raucous music and roaring comedy.

Catch the swordplay and wordplay of festival favorites Don Juan and Miguel. It's hard to miss the wild antics of The Tortuga Twins (three unrelated men in tights), and more than amusing to decipher Zilch the Tory Steller (the misspelling, like his miss-speaking is intentional). On or off the stage you are bound to rub shoulders with delightful characters. Don't miss the-The Living Fountain! Or the Sea Fairies!

Food And Drynk

A variety of food and drynk is available to satisfy your appetite - bread bowls, stews, steak-on-a-stake, roasted chicken and so much more. In the midst of this enormous feast you'll find the King of festival foods - the huge roasted turkey leg. Tempt your diet plan with desserts from the Monk's Bakery, the Cappuccino Inn, or the Chocolate Shoppe. Pubs serve beers, wine and soft drynks to quench your thirst.

Kids Love This Place

And kids love this place! Dozens of activities bring out their smiles. Guests young and old will revel in the magic and mystery upon seeing the newest attraction at the Faire - Living Mermaids offer guests to witness the wonder of these lovely,elusive and charming sea fairies of the deep.

A Festival favorite with children is Mother (and Father) Goose brought to life, with costumed ducks and geese, Maggie, Mimi and Matilda. Kids will cheer for their favorite knight at the 5,000-seat jousting arena or try their hand at archery.

Children delight in the return of a falcon, the King of sports, at the Falconer's Heath. Kids also love riding the people-powered Da Vinci's Steam ship, the Swan Swing, Christopher Columbus' "Voyage to the New World", the Slider Joust, as well as the Piccolo Pony - a rocking horse bigger than an elephant.

In addition to the people-powered rides, the Festival offers interactive games like the dragon climbing tower, the castle siege, Jacobs' Ladder, a maze and an archery range. Kids will surely be asking for a hat, wand, garland, wooden sword, shield, or to have their faces painted, or to make a sand dragon, or perhaps purchase a pet gorgi or drabbit along with other unique and interesting items available for purchase at the Festival.

What's more, kids will marvel at the acrobatic antics of Clan Tynker. Those bolder of heart may feed the dragon or play King of the log.

Relax And Escape

We deal with the 21st century every day. Now the Renaissance is back, offering an opportunity to relax and escape to the amusements of a much simpler time.

Advance tickets: Save time when tickets are purchased on-line at RenFestInfo.com, or save with discount tickets purchased at Fry's Food stores statewide. Discount ticket prices are Adult $22, children 5-12 $12, children under 5 are always free.

Tickets purchased at the Festival are two dollars more. Senior discount tickets are $21.00 for those 60 and older, available only on Festival days at the front gate ticket booth. Parking is free courtesy of Fry's Food stores. The Renaissance Festival site is located east of Apache Junction on U.S. Highway 60, just past Gold Canyon Golf Resort. (12601 East US Hwy 60) For visitor information call: (520) 463 - 2700 or visit http://www.RenFestInfo.com.


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