On The Cover - Wildlife Enrich Our World


November 1, 2016

Whether you are an angler, a hunter, or an outdoors enthusiast, one of the treasures we share is the abundance of wildlife in the Southwest. From rainbow trout in the high country to majestic elk in the forest lands to the antelope on our open plains, to the perky Gambel quail, to the endearing little black-footed ferrets, these beings who share our world can certainly be considered precious residents of our outdoors. At Thanksgiving time, when many concentrate on expressing gratitude for the succulent turkeys on their tables, it seems appropriate to take a moment, go beyond table fare, and consider expressing thanks for all wildlife. Without all species, our outdoors would become a sterile, much-less interesting, rewarding, and magnificent place.

LAND CRUISING - Put Some Outdoor Gifts Under The Tree

While her husband was shopping for shooters, Margie Anderson was on a hunt for presents to please outdoor enthusiasts.

TACKLE & TARGET - Stuff A Shooter's 'Sock'

John Anderson does some shopping for the shooters in our lives and comes up with several great ideas.


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