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A Vital Reminder Again!

Don't Let Your Campfire Become A Wildfire


Become This

From National Fire Prevention Team For The Tonto And Coconino National Forests (Phoenix Interagency Fire Center )

• Campfires should always be attended by a responsible adult.

• Only burn locally purchased firewood.

• Firewood collection is prohibited on parts of the forests. Check with local Forest Service offices regarding restrictions.

• Keep your campfire to a manageable size.

• Burn the wood completely to ash.

Don't Let This

• When extinguishing your campfire, drown with water, stir the ashes and feel for heat. Repeat as many times as need to ensure your fire is out cold!

• Remember if it's too hot to touch it's too hot to leave.

• Be a good visitor and leave your campsite in better condition than you found it.

• Make sure you pack out your trash and leave a clean site for the next visitors.

• Remember, as Smokey reminds us again, "Only You Can Prevent Wildfires"

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