Continued Mandatory Water Conservation at Grand Canyon National Park Due to Water-System Issues


*Grand Canyon, Ariz.* – Grand Canyon National Park remains at mandatory

Level 2 water conservation measures due to diminished water resources. At

Level 2, mandatory measures require that all concessions operations switch

to disposable dishes and utensils; alter menus to use less water for food

prep and dish washing; adopt low water use for hotel room cleaning; serve

drinking water at restaurants by request only; and allow the sale of

individual bottles of water.

A break in the Transcanyon Pipeline has been repaired and water is flowing

to the South Rim using a back-up pump. The primary pump at Indian Garden

remains inoperable; it is anticipated that the pump will be operable by

Monday. The combination of these situations has contributed to the

diminished water resources and resulted in mandatory water conservation

guidelines for all consumers on the South Rim. The North Rim is unaffected

by these issues. Through diligent water conservation efforts in the first

24 hour period of Level 2 restrictions, the park and concessionaires


decreased water consumption by over 10%.

Water is now available at Cottonwood Campground and Manzanita Rest Area.

Day hikers and backpackers are always encouraged to carry a way to filter

or treat creek water for drinking purposes. Phantom Ranch has returned to

normal operations and water is now available at Bright Angel Campground and

Boat Beach.

Mandatory water conservation includes not watering lawns/plants or washing

cars; filling the sink with water while washing dishes; reporting drips,

leaks or other water loss to appropriate offices; turning off the water

while you shave or brush your teeth; running dishwashers or washing

machines with only full loads- in eco mode if available; and taking

shorter showers. All visitors and residents must implement water

conservation measures immediately in homes, hotel rooms, and at the

campgrounds. The public can call 928-638-7688 to listen to a recorded

message with updates and additional information.

The National Park Service encourages all hikers to be prepared and to Hike

Smart . More

information is available on the park website at


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