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Arizona Yacht Club - Mike Ferring Brings Us Up To Date

August 12-14 Is The Annual AYC Campout – With A DifferentVvenue For 2016.


As you know, things get real slow for the summer.

We'll have our Wednesday night casual races at Lake Pleasant and the summer campout. Following is the campout info, and as for the Wednesday night races, let's try this:

Just when sailors have cleared the "midweek hump" at work on hot summer Wednesdays, they can drive to Tempe Town Lake, launch a small boat, and head out for an hour or so of casual, run-what-ya-brung racing.

George Sheller is the organizer of this loosely organized gathering. At about 5:30 p.m., he drops a couple buoys in the lake and whistles one-minute race starts to anyone who shows up.

Usually the group includes a few Lasers and a C14 or two, maybe a Buccaneer, and after the boats round the floating marks and cross the finish line, the winner is - well, who knows, because handicaps don't apply and nobody keeps score. When it starts to get dark or the wind dies, when the boats are stowed, the group collects at a nearby tavern for dinner and a beer.

The best way to stay in touch with these Wednesday night races is to sign onto the Arizona Yacht Club Yahoo list and receive the occasional emails. (Sometimes races are canceled and you'll be notified by email.) The link to sign up is on the lower right corner of the Web site.



Annual AYC Campout

This year's Annual AYC Campout may be called the "Not-Kinnikinick," because we're leaving the traditional deep-in-the-woods camping spot in order to move to Dairy Springs Campground by Mormon Lake. The dates are Friday to Sunday, August 12-14.

Organizer Steve Nahkala says the new spot will bring a little more civilized experience than before, starting with paved roads and permanent restrooms and (gasp) running water. For people who are even less camping-oriented, Mormon Lake cottages are nearby.

Otherwise, Steve assures us, it will be the usual low-key social thing. Some people arrive on Friday, so you could too. More people appear on Saturday. There's some sailing, hanging out, Liar's Dice, eating, and that kind of stuff. There's a pot luck Saturday night. There's no registration and no fee. Sailing at Lake Mary is only 13 miles away if you bring your own small boat.

History Of Kinnikinick

By Tom Ohlin (Who's Been To Nearly All Of 'Em)

The Kinnikinick Campout started in the early '80 with three or four couples camping for the weekend. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the break from the heat and the relaxed social atmosphere and it just grew every year. I think we peaked at about 120 folks and have had as few as a dozen or so.

Mike Ferring Steve Nahkala

The location was primitive! You packed out what you packed in, except AYC provided the required Porta-Johns. The area was bounded by meadows and road, so it was very difficult for kids to get lost if they never crossed a road or meadow. The trees in the area are large Ponderosa pines, so there was some relief from the sun.

The accommodations are still whatever you bring, from pup tent to motor home. We usually have a potluck dinner on Saturday night and have horseshoes, pasture golf, bocce ball, Liar's Dice and BS to fill in the day. Some folks come up as early as Wednesday, several on Thursday, but most on Friday.

This is a really fun event and gives new members as well as long-timers a great opportunity to socialize and enjoy the cool pines. The weather is always cooler in the high country but can be a bit wet.


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