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Bartleby - Stay Tuned

Most Arizonans, as well as many from outside the state, are familiar with beautiful Bartlett Lake. They have enjoyed the well-run marina, the availability of both dry and wet slips, the amenities for purchase or rent at both the dock and general stores, the excellent fishing, and, of course, the friendly and helpful staff. Most are also aware of the quaint aqua lodge and the great and well-equipped party boat. They may even have caught a glimpse of "Bartleby" (although no one ever fesses up to having seen this monster in the lake). "But wait; there's more!" Soon, very soon, the new restaurant at Bartlett Lake will open. So, check this spring to see if it's ready to provide you and your guests with excellent dining with a spectacular view from above the lake. As they say, "Stay tuned."


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