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On The Cover - Hike The High Country

Most Arizonans plus many others from out-of-state know and love the Flagstaff area. In fact, for Valley of the Sun residents, it offers a popular cool escape from the searing summer temperatures of the southern part of the state. Some Flag visitors camp, others fish and many just enjoy the ambiance of this lovely town in the "high country". As the cover photo indicates, there is another very popular activity in the Flagstaff area: hiking. Our Outdoors Editor Margie Anderson explains one of her favorite destinations as a hiker: Red Mountain Trail with its hoodoos, slot canyons, and spectacular views. Please join her on the trail.

BOATING - Fires Often Start Here - If every boater paid attention to six things, over a third of all fires aboard boats would be prevented.

LAND CRUISING - Here's A Start For New Campers - The Arizona Family Campout Program will provide some equipment and introduce families to the new adventure of camping.

The Spring Possibilities Are Endless! - Hiking The High Country


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