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New Boating-Safety Online Course Available


Why take a navigation class when just boating on our local lakes? The very good reason is because prudent mariners should know and understand basic navigation principles no matter how small or large the size of the waterway they are boating on.

Knowing north, south, east and west, how to use a basic chart or map, and how to read your compass are musts for safe-boating principles. Take this class and become a safer boater with knowledge.

The Coast Guard Auxiliary has authored and developed a stimulating new interactive online course called Modern Marine Navigation with Web implementation and hosting by the Boat US Foundation. This is the only navigation course offered anywhere that has been completely vetted by the US Coast Guard Navigation Center.

Boaters who enroll in this course will learn, using their own computers or tablets, in the comfort of their own homes.

The Modern Marine Navigation online interactive self-study course will cost $39.99 and became available on the BoatUS Foundation Web site at the beginning of March. However, with a promo code (1141011), the cost will only be $34.99.


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