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Business Spotlight - Descale-It Is A Favorite Of Boaters

Take the work out of cleaning! Let Descale-It products do the work for you.


It is our pleasure to turn the spotlight on DeScale-It products in this issue. Not only does the company have many happy and satisfied customers, but also this is a local Arizona company, located in Tucson.

The Descale-It ® Products Company is committed to producing effective, Earth-friendly products. For example, Descale-It Lime-Eater ® was the first product in its class to be Green Cross Certified by Scientific Certification Systems as 100 percent biodegradable.

For our Boating readers, a Descale-It product that has been so successful in watercraft cleaning is their Watercraft Spot Remover. The following are only some of its commendable features:

This product removes unsightly water spots.

It removes alkaline build-up with ease.

Watercraft Spot Remover won't scratch or cloud surfaces.

It beautifully shines stainless steel and chrome.

This product is user-friendly with no scrubbing, no fumes, no gloves.

Watercraft Spot Remover is certified 100 percent biodegradable.

Descale-It products

And, since boaters have had such outstanding results from this Descale-It product, they may want to try some of the other cleaners offered by Descale-It; these items in their Variety Pack are a good way to start experiencing the cleaning pleasure of other items. The $37.80 pack, a bargain, includes the following:

1-22 oz. Bathroom Descale-It®

1-22 oz Lime-Eater®

1-16 oz. Toilet Bowl Cleaner and one of the following: 32-ounce Pool & Spa Descale-It ® or 32-oz. SeaSpots Gone!TM or 16-oz. Earth-Friendly Cleaner for Animals or 32-oz. Cooler Treatment

For larger quantities call (520) 294-5676 or email info@descale-it.com

De-scale It is located at 4357 S Santa Rita Ave, Tucson, AZ 85714


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