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Take The Challenge: Go Explore Arizona's Trout Waters

AZGFD launches Trout Challenge Program aimed at getting anglers out for trout.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department is launching a new program to encourage anglers to learn more about trout fishing in Arizona.

The Arizona Trout Challenge Program is an incentive program that highlights the state's unique species, waters, and fishing opportunities. Any angler completing the Challenge will receive a certificate featuring the species caught along with the date and location. In addition, the first group of anglers to complete the Challenge will receive other items that may include a sweatshirt, hat, and/or water bottle.

As a part of the program, there are two different ways to complete the Challenge. The first is the Wild Trout Challenge, focusing on waters with naturally reproducing Gila, Apache, brown, brook, or rainbow trout.

The second is the Arizona Trout Challenge, which includes unique species such as cutthroat trout, tiger trout, and grayling, as well as hatchery-reared trout. The lists of eligible waters for each of the Challenges are found on the Trout challenge website at http://www.azgfd.gov/troutchallenge.

There is no deadline to complete these challenges.

Some waters may not be included on each list, but are potentially still eligible for completing the Challenge. In order to qualify, go to the Trout Challenge home page and download an application form, and submit photos and locations of where you caught each species.

For questions regarding the program, please contact Mike Anderson at manderson@azgfd.gov.

Did You Know?

Did you know? Arizona has the greatest wildlife diversity of any inland state in the nation. Only California and Texas – which both have coastlines abounding with different wildlife species – have greater wildlife diversities than we do right here in Arizona.


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