Situational Awareness And America's Waterway Watch


January 1, 2016

As a boater, you know what is normal and what is not. For example, you see someone taking pictures of a dam, and you think to yourself, that’s not normal. Well maybe it is and possibly it is not.

That is why the Coast Guard established a public outreach program in 2006 titled “America’s Waterway Watch.” It is up to us, the avid boaters, to keep an eye out for suspicious activity and report it — similar to a neighborhood watch program.

Have situational awareness at all times; don’t forget where you are and who should be there. If you see something out of the usual, don’t just ignore it, report it.

Tow boat operators, recreational boaters, marina operators, or those who live on their boats: It is up to you to help keep our waterways safe and secure. Be the eyes and ears of the United States Coast Guard and other law enforcement agencies; we can all make a difference.

To report suspicious activity, call 1-877-24Watch.


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